About Me

January 25th, 2013

Hi, my name is Jeff Fenster and I run this site.  I like to spend some of my free time making programs both for companies, and just for fun.  My first experience with what might be considered programming was in my sophomore year in high school; I took a web design course.  Since then, I have worked to expand my knowledge on computers and programming them.  I currently do my programming with Visual Studio 2010,  g++, and eclipse.  I use .NET 4 for my visual basic applications, g++ for c++, and eclipse for Java.  I have been attending Bowling Green State University since Fall of 2010.  I am pursuing a Doctorate in Computer Science.  My focus is programming in software development and working with usability engineering aspects.

As for my accomplishments thus far, I have quite a few.  In my junior year of high school, I competed in BPA (Business Professionals of America) competition.  I placed first in my region and then sixth in the state in VB.net programming.  In my senior year, I placed first in the region again, then I continued to achieve second in the state of Ohio, and lastly placed second in the nation.  During the spring of my senior year, I had a Tech Prep competition where I showed my mp3HD Converter program.  I did exceedingly well and advanced to the finals.  I also competed in Miami Oxfords programming competition.  As for my college career to date, I have become highly skilled in C++.  I can effectively implement advanced coding schemes such as data structures and algorithms as well as recursion.

There is probably more I could write, but for now this seems sufficient.  I love to receive input on any of my programs whether good or bad.  Contact me through the contact-us page.  Send suggestions, ideas, bug reports, or anything you want — even if you just want to say hello it is welcome!  You can view a short resume at Resume.

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